Gift Guide For the Yoga Lover

We all have that one friend who loves yoga, or maybe you are that one friend, I know I am. But if you don’t know what to get your devoted yoga pal, don’t worry you’ve come to the right place. I’ve compiled a list of everything from yoga accessories to yoga pants that will help keep your favorite yogi stylin’ and as zen as can be this holiday season. Click the links below and get your shopping done today!


toxin-free-yoga-matsNatural Toxin Free Yoga Mats: (38$)You don’t want to have your friend inhaling toxic chemicals while doing their deep breathing. These yoga mats are free of harmful substances, none slip and perfect for hot yoga or pilates!



eco-friendly-yoga-mat Toxin Free Yoga Mat 2 :(20$) Here just a less expensive toxin free yoga mat, this one is only 20$.  This yoga mat is eco friendly and comes in a wide variety of colors.



beach-yoga-matOutdoor Straw Yoga Mat: (20$)I don’t know many yogi’s who don’t from time to time like to take their practice to the beach. This straw mat is great for the outdoor yogi on the go! I want one!!


Yoga Accessories

organic-yoga-mat-cleanerOrganic Yoga Mat Cleaner:(12$) Specially formulated with different essential oils to manifest either energy, a sense of calm, or healing, you choose!  This cleaner even comes with a cute microfiber cleaning towel.



The Yoga Block:(25$) maybe your friend is just starting out and could use a little help this their flexibility, this little guy aid them in different poses that require lots of flexibility! This is even a good boyfriend present to help get him strechin’. Here’s a gift set that even includes a yoga strap, great for those who need a little extra help touching their toes.



tye-die-yoga-headbandsTie Dye Yoga Head Bands: I don’t know any yogi who doesn’t think Tie Dye is cute! these are just some cute little head bands, perfect for any yogi but especially awesome for your hot yogi pal.



Yoga Pants For All

breathable-turqouise-yoga-pants No-Slip Stir-up Yoga Pants:(98$) Every yoga loves adding a new pair of leggings to their closet. This pair has stir-ups to help them from sliding up while practicing. They also have some great colors available too!




organic-yoga-pants Organic Yoga Leggings: (87$)  Made with Organic  Fair Trade Cotton these pants are great for your environmentally conscious yogi. Plus no nasty toxic pesticides can be found in the cotton used to make these pants.




Crazy Fun Yoga Leggings: So I love unicorns, and who doesn’t now -a-days soo these are just some adorable yoga pants with a unicorn on them. There are plenty of other crazy yoga pants you can find on amazon. These were just my fav!

hot-yoga-braYoga Bra (17$): In hot yoga most of us just end up in our sports bras so we obviously want to be wearing a pretty one. Or one that matches our pants! Heres a whole selection of fun colors for any sweat sess!



crop-top-sports-braCrop Top/ Yoga Bra: (42$) This is another great option for yoga, if someone doesn’t like barring it all in yoga class this sports bra offers a little more coverage.


Non Toxic Kitchen Gift Buying Guide


Have a friend who loves to cook? Maybe they cook super healthy meals or maybe they just love cooking anything. Either way if your shopping for a chef you want to be sure your buying them the least toxic cookware as possible. Below I have outline some of the best non toxic cooking gifts for your chef!

Cutest Kitchen Stocking Stuffers 10$-20$


lemon-squeezerKeeping with the Holiday theme, this stainless steal Lemon squeezer has red handles! My mom gave me one of these and I use it every money in my lemon water. Plus its great for squeezing lemons on salads!

garlic-mincer-stocking-stufferA garlic press, always useful, the healthy chef is probably always using garlic for its great anti- microbial properties! This one even comes with a cleaning brush. Trust me these things are a little annoying to keep clean.

gifts-for-avocado-loversI don’t know anyone who’s not an avocado fanatic, this slicer tool is great for your avocado obsessed friends.

cute-decorative-measuring-spoonsAll Healthy Chefs love a cute set of ceramic measuring spoons for decoration or even using to add all the garnishing to their favorite smoothie


Non Toxic Cooking Utensils / Accessories

lava-stone-non-toxic-cooking Lava Rock Cooking Stone, there are two different sizes, the larger one is great for big meals of sharing and the smaller one is great for a single person or just little appetizers. This is my favorite thing on this list, its probably one of the cooler kitchen gifts. Lava stones make a  at home date night a little more special, and I swear my meat has never tasted any better. They also cook veggies so don’t worry if your buying for a vegetarian. My asparagus comes out great on these!

non-toxic-bamboo-wooden-cooking-utensilsBamboo Spoons! (11$-19$)Not only are they cute and decorative, they are functional too! And non-toxic. Plus they also won’t scratch any of your Chef’s favorite stainless steal cookware. There are 3 different bundles within the 11-20$ range.


acacia-wood-cutting-board Beautiful Cutting Board,(52$) Great for those who like beautiful non-toxic kitchens, especially useful for your vegan of vegetarian friends. This big butting board is great for chopping up and serving a whole bunch of veg.


lodge-cast-iron-pan-non-toxic-cooking The cast iron pan,(16$) lodge has been around forever, their products are super affordable and non-toxic. Your friend or family member will have a great time whipping up their favorites in their new toxin free cookware!


lodge-non-toxic-skilletDoes you healthy foodie friend like cooking eggs? If they do this cast iron skillet (14$) for them. Add a little coconut oil and they are good to go!


non-toxic-cookware-setEverything but the Kitchen sink Stainless steel cooking set (200$.. right now, originally 670$) , this is a package of everything that your loved one needs for a toxic free kitchen.  It is a full range offering of all stainless steel pots, pans, skillets and more! Its costly but well worth it for the health of your family. Theres also a less pricy option (135$).

glass-bakeware-non-toxic-cookingGlass Bakeware, (15-38$) that doubles as food storage containers! Theres a variety of options to choose from, everything from 5 pc sets all the way to 28 pc sets.



Miscellaneous Healthy Chef Gifts

stainless-steel-salad-chopperSalad Chopper, (12)this is for your friend who love their salads, or as I call them salad sluts, its a term of endearment I promise, I love my salads too. This tool is great just be careful if doing it in a glass/ ceramic bowl cuz it can scratch, normally I never recommend plastic but it isn’t getting heated, so heres an option for a chopping bowl and chopper!


veggie-spiralizer Spiralizer, (24$) if your not a healthy chef yourself, this is a tool that can help you turn veggies into noodles, think the healthy person’s spaghetti. This tool just makes noodle-ifying veggies easier for your favorite healthy chef.


glass-non-toxic-blender The Glass Blender ( 70$) healthy chefs, smoothies, and soups go hand and hand. Thats why this glass blender is great for any of your healthy chefs. Plus it is glass so you avoid the toxins that leech from plastic, this is especially important if they are preparing hot soups in the blender!


Let me know if you found this list helpful for anyone on you list!

Happy, Healthy Shopping!

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

As we draw closer and closer to Black Friday, I’ve been thinking, why not do a list of my favorite things… now I’m not Oprah, but I would like to think I’ve got some pretty good lists and knowledge about whats good in the healthy lifestyle realm.

I’m gonna see how much time I have but I’m hoping to write a few gifting lists and tips for all your health nut friends. The gifts will be for all budgets too!

You can look forward to a list for..

  • all non-toxic kitchen ware for your healthy chef
  • another one for adorable non- toxic apartment accessories and furniture for your health conscious interior designer
  • my favorite workout clothing brands for your gym rat
  • self love products ( think dry brushes and beautiful organic soaps) for all your gal pals, cuz umm, who doesn’t like to be spoiled…
  • and lastly a list of my favorite indulgent healthy snacks or treats to get your dietary restricted friend!

New Black iPhone 7 Plus and Black MacBookOf course they will mostly be amazon links, god I love prime..but I may venture out because I would love to include some organic clothing brands, not sure if amazon carries any. If you’d like specific list for a special type of health conscious  friend let me know!

.. oo even the health conscious man… I didn’t even think of that..that could be interesting!

My health conscious gym nut of a man, loves his new amazfit tracker!  ================> Its waterproof, his other one he forgot to take off before showering.. oops.. also just looked and its on sale now! 20$ less .. Thank You amazon!!

I’ll get to work now on these lists now! No Blondie Bite for today, I got shit to do.. Unless someone has a recipe they’d like to share that fits the Food Standards, I’d be happy to feature it!

Bite Me, With Love