Cauliflower and Leek Soup

Mmm so I made this tonight for dinner an YUM… all about it! Traditionally people go for a potato leek soup but I wanted to switch it up and create a lower carb version, hence the cauliflower. I actually got the leeks and bone broth from a local farmer, which I was super pumped about. I’m sure most of you probably don’t live near me but check out White Gate Farm if your ever in East Lyme, Connecticut.
Anyways this soup is great on a chilly fall night and it makes enough for a family of four or in my case, lunch for 3 days. Thats the extent of my meal planning. Meal planning is something I could definitely use some direction with. So if you have any meal planning tips post em’ in the comments and if not just enjoy some cauliflower leek soup!
IMG_2354 2
1 Head Cauliflower
3 Large Leeks
2 Cloves Fresh Garlic Minced
1/2 Tsp Dried Thyme 
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
1/2 Tsp Cumin Spice
Pinch of Salt and Pepper
1 Fresh Chives
1 Tbsp Fresh Parsley
3 Strips Nitrate Free Bacon ( I like Applegate Brand)

  1. Cook Bacon in pot on medium heat
  2. Once Cooked remove from pan and set aside, leave grease in pot and add coconut oil if you think you need more oil
  3. Pour chopped leeks into pot to sauté
  4. While leeks are sautéing, cut the cauliflower into florets and add in with Leeks
  5. Add bone broth, garlic, ground cumin, thyme, and salt and pepper to the pot, and increase heat to high. Once the soup starts to boil, reduce to medium-low heat and simmer until the cauliflower is tender (about 20 minutes depending on the size of the florets).
  6. When cauliflower is tender, remove from heat and puree using  blender, CAREFUL THAT SHIT IS HOT!
  7. Add Olive Oil to puree once it has cooled slightly, olive oil is not meant for high heat cooking but adds a nice flavor
  8. Garnish with bacon, parsley, and chives for a pretty plate effect.. definitely insta-worthy. Side Note: I didn’t have any fresh chives or parsley but bacon still made a nice topping

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Simple Poached Salmon

You have never made a healthy dish with so little effort. For the longest time I was so intimidated by poaching fish. I don’t know if any of you are, but let me tell you .. it is sooo freaking easy its not even funny. It’s just about as easy as making mac n’ cheese from a kraft box. But WAY more HEALTHY.  Just follow my recipe below and you’ll have a healthy omega 3 fatty acid packed meal in less than 15 minutes!

If you want to know where I get my special flavored grassfed ghee read past the recipe card!

Poached Salmon Recipe



3 -4 oz Salmon Filet Skin on or off ( I LOVE  the skin)

1/2 Yellow Onion sliced

2 Garlic Cloves Chopped

2 Tsp Garlic Scape Flavored Ghee ( My mom’s friend owns this brand.. such a fan!)

2 Cups of Greens of choice

1 Tsp Dill

1 Sprinkle Rosemary

Pinch of Salt


  1. Add 2 cups of water to a pot add sliced onion, dill, rosemary, salt, and garlic cloves, set on high and wait for pot to boil
  2. Let boil for two minutes, then add salmon filet and greens, leave uncovered and let cook for 5-6 minutes or until salmon is a light pink
  3. Once cooked remove from heat and strain onions, greens and salmon out, reserving the water. You can actually use it as a soup or post meal tea. Think about it you basically just made a dill and rosemary tea, hello herbal benefits.
  4. On a plate arrange your salmon, greens and onions in a cute little way to make yourself feel accomplished
  5. Smear that lovely ghee over your salmon, onions, and greens, and feel accomplished you just made a delicious meal in like less than 10 minutes.. go girl.


Watermelon Radish

We all love watermelons and are sad to see them go out of season now that the seasons are changing, but have no fear, there is still a beautiful fall/winter appropriate watermelon we can sink out teeth into.. Its the Watermelon Radish!


Its arguably more pretty than your plan old watermelon and packed with more nutrients, minerals and other goodies that will help keep your body in shape all fall and winter long!

Below are the 6 Health Benefits of Watermelon Radishes!One non health benefit is the benefit they will have on your Instagram.. hello insta-pretty food!

  • Watermelon radishes have a high phytochemical profile including zeaxanthin, lutein and beta-carotene. Zeaxanthin is known for helping protect our eyes from blue light which can eventually lead to oxidative damage of the retina. Lutein is an antioxidant that protects against free radical damage, it is also known to fight again skin cancer. Lastly beta carotene, another antioxidant know for its benefits for eye health due to its role as a precursorto vitamin A.
  • Watermelon radishes are a rich source of vitamins. A 1-cup serving includes 11 milligrams of vitamin C, 8 milligrams of vitamin A and 1.08 milligrams of niacin.

Health Benefits of Watermelon Radishes

  • They have a 25 mg of folate as well. Folate is not only an essential vitamin for pregnant women it is also important or the general population. Folate helps manage a homocysteine, a amino acid that in too high of quantities can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. We all want a healthy heart so start chomping on some watermelon radishes!


  • They are packed with minerals! Especially Phosphorus ( 43mgs in a serving!) Phosphorus is important for growth and repair of our body’s cells and tissues. It is also an important mineral in the ATP cycle which helps to generate energy that our cells rely on to function.


  • Watermelon radishes are also a good source of magnesium, a mineral that many of us today are deficient in! Ensuring you have the appropriate amount of magnesium can help regulate anxiety and constipation… Two things AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR.


  • Eating watermelon radishes also offers you 33 milligrams of potassium, bananas are’t the only potassium powerhouses. Not to mention watermelon radishes have way fewer calories and sugar than a serving of banana. What is potassium good for exactly? Well, it helps to balance your water levels ( goodbye leg cramps) and aids in muscle metabolism. watermelon-radish.jpeg

My Favorite Booty Workout

I already shared my warm-up on instagram and twitter… pun intended, I thought I’d save the whole thing for those of you who come hang out with me on my blog. I have multiple butt workouts that I rotate between, this one is just my absolute favorite.

This one also usually makes me unable to sit down the next day #goals. Just incase you didn’t catch my warm up I’ve included it below. If I’ve got a decent amount of time I usually do 20 minutes of walking before I begin too just to get my BODY MOVING and in the right mind set.

P.S I even made a handy infographic for ya.. keep scrollin’

The Warm Up

For the warm up you hold each of these exercises for 30 seconds for a total of 4 sets. When I first started this workout I would even feel the burn after the warmup, enjoy the burn bitches.

Hold Exercise
30 seconds Bridge
30 seconds 1 Legged Bridge ( each leg)
30 seconds Side Lying Clam (each side)
30 seconds Birddog ( each side)

The Butt Workout

Weight Reps Exercise
20lbs 20 Front Squat w/ Barbell
N/A 20 Jump Squats
70lbs 12 Weighted Barbell Bridge
30lbs 20 Weighted Hip Thrusts on Bench
N/A 20 Side Lying Heel/ Toe Taps

Best Butt WorkoutThinking I may upload some vids of myself later incase you have no idea what these exercises are referring too. Comment below if you’d like some videos! Maybe I’ll make a whole video of it all.. we will see if I’m feeling that adventurous.. never made a fitness video… gotta channel some Richard Simmons.

Just as important as the workout itself, is the cool down. You want to stretch your muscles afterward, because too tight of hamstrings can actually pull your butt down making it appear saggier than it needs to be. UMM idk about you but if a little bit of stretching can help with a SAGGY BOOTY.. Imma opt for the stretching. Check out some of the best butt stretches below.

  1. Reclining Pigeon: this is my absolute favorite stretch, hold for 30 secs follow the picture
  2. Pigeon: This is just plain old pigeon once again 30 secs, follow the pic
  3. Single Leg Quad Stretch: We all did these in gym class, same deal
  4. Runners Stretch: Look at the pic babeee
  5. Side Lunge: Get those inner thighs, nobody likes tight inner thighs

Another thing I like to do before and after my workouts is foam roll. Learn more about foam rolling in this post. Seriously life will be changed.. READ IT.

Maybe I’ll do some foam rolling videos, they will change your life you will never be sore again… ok maybe thats a lie.. especially if you do this butt workout and keep increasing your weight.

After a big workout what do you need? PROTEIN sooo todays blondie bite is a packed with the stuff. Check out my BACON wrapped avocado chicken breast with avocado for some healthy fats.

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Vegan Fall Bulgar Warming Meal

Its about that time for some warming foods since it is officially the first day of fall. I’ve create a SUPER simple bulgar bowl for all my veggie lovers. This is one of my go-to meatless Monday bowls!

I suggest having a big thing of bulgar or some other grain pre cooked so then recipes like this take no time at all. They make great throw together and take to work bowls!Tasty Bulgar Salad


1/2 Large Red Onion

3 Minced Garlic Cloved

2 Chopped Garlic Scapes

1/3 Cup Cooked Bulgar

1 Tsp Coconut Oil

Handful Fresh Cilantro

Salt to Taste

1 Tbsp Dill

2 Tbsp Lemon Juice


  1. Heat coconut oil in frying pan
  2. Add chopped onions, garlic, and scaves into pan, let cook for 5 minutes
  3. Add in dill, salt, bulgar, fresh cilantro and mix around, let cook for about another 3-4 minutes
  4. Remove from heat and add lemon juice

Done in under 15 minutes!

Like this recipe?  You’ll love this one too

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Mexican Veggie Medley

So I like onions, like LOVE onions.. and garlic… I’m just the best on dates. But fuck it I like what I like and if the other human can’t deal with my love of garlic and onions… then as I say … BYEEEEEE. The reason I say this is that this medley is basically just a mix of sautéd garlic and onions with a little bit of red pepper. I promise its more appetizing than it sounds.

This recipe has a nice Mexican flavor too it, with a zest of lime for freshness.. nom nom. You can definitely add protein to it, just this particular day I was feeling like having a alkalizing day and stuck to my veggies. I won’t make you listen to my veggie spiel before the recipe so, if your interested I’ll have a post up here later about it!


1/2 a Red Onion Chopped

1/2 a Yellow Onion

1 Chopped Red Bell Pepper

2 Chopped Garlic Scapes

2 Cloves Minced Garlic

1 Tsp Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

2 Slices of Lime

1/2 Avocado Sliced

1 Tbsp Organic Chili Powder ( sugar free) .. trust me they sneak that shit in EVERYWHERE

Himalayan Sea Salt to Taste

Optional : 1 Tbsp Nutritional Yeast for a little cheesy like addition

Warm Mexican Salad.JPGDirections

  1. Heat coconut oil, in a frying pan ( I prefer this cast iron one)
  2. Add in onions, garlic, garlic scapes, chili powder, and a little salt. Cook on medium for 5 minutes
  3. Add in pepper and cook for another 5 minutes
  4. Remove from heat and add lime juice, nutritional yeast if desired and top with sliced avocado!
  5. Your done, how fucking easy was that, and now you have a alkalizing, prebiotic rich, lunch.

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Organic Sheets

If you read the first post of this series, you probably already have an idea about just how important sleeping in and on natural materials is. This post is dedicated to your sheets. We’re in our sheets for ideally at least 8 hours a night, and hopefully a little bit longer if we include those extra “bed activities”.

Sheets are pretty important to our sleeping experience, most of us drop a decent amount of money for a good pair, whether silk, cotton, satin, or flannel. Everyone has a different fabric of choice, personally I love a good flannel or silk if I’m feeling some type of way and just want to feel like a fancy bitch. Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself to a nice pair of sheets.

Organic Cotton Sheets

Below I’ve listed the healthiest, least chemical laden brands I trust ! So indulge a little, detoxify your bedroom, and enjoy a good nights rest.

5 Favorite Non-Toxic Sheets

Organic Cotton Sheets 

These are queen sized and are priced at 75$ and they have plenty of colors to choosefrom. I really like the army green.

Target’s Line of Organic Cotton Sheets

Can’t bear the thought of spending upwards of hundreds of dollars for organic bedding? Don’t worry our good ol’ friend targét ( say with french accent) has us covered. Right now their organic cotton sheet for a queen sized mattress is on sale for less than 35$!

West Elm Organic Cotton Sheets

West Elm is one of my favorite brands not only do they offer organic bedding and other house accessories, they also feature local artisans in their stores!

Organic Hemp Silk Sheets

From Kelly Green Organic, this company has a great range of product. All unbleached, undyed, and hypoallergenic!


Coyuchi Flannel Sheets Organic Flannel Sheets

Priced at 400$ for a queen sized, these Coyuchi sheets are a splurge, but worth it if you love your flannel as much as me in the winter. Made to last and sure to swaddle you in softness with their softness.



Bacon Wrapped Avocado Chicken Breast

Healthy bacon recipe

This can’t be healthy you must be thinking.. Bacon? Really? I can have bacon and still be healthy? Yes, yes you can. The key is to get organic bacon from my favorite brand, Applegate or a local butcher you know and trust.

This Bacon lovers dream is surprisingly simple and quick to make.

Healthy Man Food Bacon Dinner

So it’s that easy, trust me your man will thank you for some real man food. He might be sick of salads at this point of the summer. This recipe is also totally kid approved, if you use small chicken breasts you can make more bite sized versions! They even make a great snack for adults.

I’ve written out the ingredient list below along with a link to Applegate’s page so you can see what their products look like. And heres another copy of recipe for an easy print out!


  • 2 Organic Medium Sized Chicken Breasts
  • 1 Package of Applegate Organic Bacon 
  • 2 Avocados
  • 1 Tomato
  • 1/4 Cup Chopped Onions
  • Garlic Powder
  • 2 Cloves Fresh Garlic
  • Juice from 2 Lime Slivers


  1. Preheat oven to 450
  2. Mix avocado, chopped tomato, onion, minced garlic, lemon, salt and pepper in a bowl to make the guacamole
  3. Slice chicken breast evenly down the middle to create a pock to place the guacamole in, leave one side of the “pocket” closed so the gauc won’t slip out.
  4. Season chicken with little salt, pepper, and chili spice.
  5. Stuff chicken with guac and fold pocket over, wrap in bacon. Use as many pieces as you need to cover the whole chicken, this will vary depending on size.
  6. Heat skillet on stove top and cook bacon wrapped chicken for about 5 minutes each side so the bacon gets a little crispy
  7. Then pop into the oven for the remaining 20 minutes. Take out and a satisfying bacon meal.

Cocoa Coffee Alternative Drink

I’m sure the majority of you are hooked on Bullet Proof Coffee but what about Bullet Proof Chocolate? Sound to good to be true? Wellll…. it is slightly. But if your like me and coffee isn’t an option due to sensitive adrenal glands that are prone to fatigue. Plus coffee makes you so hyper people might want to throw you out a window, or you just get anxious AF, I’ve got the dream drink for you.

It’s what I drink everyday at work, usually about 3 times a day. Once after my morning lemon water, yes I store lemons in the office fridge. Second usually mid morning before lunch. Then lastly sometime in my last 2 hours, especially if I’m hitting the gym afterwards. Not only is this a great caffeine substitute for focus at work but it also works great as a pre-workout drink.

The ingredients are super simple too AND you can drink it hot or cold! It’s a coffee substitute that goes great with a non-dairy milk of choice ( I choose this one) or water. As for Cocoa Powder I’ve used another of different brands but so far I like this one.

Cocoa Caffeine Substitute Drink-2

Let me know how you like it or if you have any suggestions, cinnamon is also a delicious addition if you want a little heat and blood sugar stabilization!

If You Feel Like Reading More..

I offer my ” Read it more” option after my recipe cuz lets be real, I love to write but not everybody loves to read. SO this is the section for those of you who are a little more curious about why I choose to switch over from coffee to cocoa.

7 Reasons Why I Choose This Coffee Alternative

  1. Cocoa contains essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and zinc.
  2. Coffee can deplete some of the minerals we need like potassium, sodium, and calcium as they are excreted with the excess urination that usually accompanies coffee consumption.
  3. Coffee make me TOO hyper, some people its find but if your like me, it will send you a little overboard.
  4. I have mild adrenal fatigue, honestly no source of caffeine is best when dealing with adrenal fatigue. But I have many other practices that help me feel like I have this under control so I enjoy my cocoa drinks, ( let me know your opinions on this!)
  5. Contains Flavonoids which help protect the body from inflammation. Nobody wants inflammation!
  6. Cocoa Powder actually contains a compound (phenethylamine) that acts as a anti-depressent, chocolate really is happiness.
  7. Lastly, Chocolate is just good for the soul, I always feel like I’m getting a treat when I have one of my drinks, especially if I heat it up with some cashew milk!






I’ve Been Drinking

Thats right, these past few weeks I’ve enjoyed a few adult beverages, since I am an adult. And let me tell you, the changes I’ve noticed in my body are drastic. After not really drinking for over a year switching it up has made me realize how much it really can affect my health.

This might not be the same for everyone, and by no means do I think people shouldn’t drink, cuz it is fun as fuck. But I’m just gonna point out to choose your alcohol wisely. After my list of  moaning and growing about my health changes since drinking, I’ve laid out my go to drinks.

So what has changed since I’ve started drinking

  1. My Nails: They’ve got white spots, normally when nails have white spots it means you aren’t getting enough zinc, a mineral that can be depleted from drinking.
  2. My Skin: IS SO DRY, like literal flakes if I don’t lather myself in coconut oil, and I’ve noticed the few wrinkles I do have are looking a bit deeper.
  3. My Throat: I have a constant sore throat, that really hasn’t gone away since I started drinking again
  4. Phlegm: Gross, but true I have way more gunk in my throat and nose, ew.. maybe why I also have a sore throat
  5. Pimples: I probably haven’t had a pimple like a year, and now I’ve got em’, even on my chest and back?!
  6. Cravings: I feel like I just want a lot more salt and even sugar. I can’t seem to resist fruit like I used to. Some fruit is good but I feel like for my past issues with candida I may be over doing it. Not to mention, alcohol + Candida tendencies= No bueno

So I’ve got a few post drinking symptoms but I have been going a little bit over board… hehe Oops.. we all go through phases. It’s Yin and Yang people. Right now I’m in the Yang cycle of my drinking hah.

Although I may be experiences a few negative side effects, the good times that come with these nights are worth a little bit of not feeling to hot. Plus I think I’m starting to learn my best drinking practices, which I’ll outline for you another time. But for now I’ve got a list of my favorite go to drinks and liquors and why I choose em’, plus one of my go to drinks at home!

Healthy Drink Choices

Blondie Bite’s Booze Buying Guide

Ocean Organic Vodka: This is my all time favorite, but it is one of the more expensive ones and is tricky to find, especially if you are actually out at the bars. Just read their ingredient list… can you believe this vodka actually has some minerals in it?!

Potato Based Vodka ( Chopin): I can’t have corn so this is my best option for a gluten free liquor. Plus this brand is somewhat easy to find but really any potato vodka will do for me. Organic is a plus when available.

Organic Tequila ( Uno Dos Tres): Sustainable, organic, and even housed in recycled glass bottles, this tequila is the ultimate choice. Save the environment and avoid gluten one sip at a time.

Unflavored Ciroc: Made with Grapes, Ciroc is one of the more prominent choices avaliable at your typical bar. Usually when having to drink at the bar this is my next best bet if a potato based vodka isn’t available.