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A Book Report

I haven’t written a book report in ages but after ALMOST completing Dr Mark Hyman’s What the Heck Should I Eat?  I feel the need to share how awesome it is with everyone who has yet to read it. To be honest I haven’t read a physical book in a about a year… thats pathetic.

Also side note …They say most CEO’s read about one book a week, so I decided I better start getting in the rhythm. If a busy ass CEO has time to read a book a week… so do I…. Thank gawd for Audible. If you don’t know what audible is… its time for you to find out and realize that reading a book per week might be more do-able than you think!

Back to What the Heck Should I Eat? It’s a great read, whether you are a seasoned health nut like myself or a total newbie. Those of you just getting on board with the whole healthy lifestyle .. dare I say “craze”, because it better be here to stay, this book is a great starting point, you will learn exactly what to eat and why. It really sets you up with key knowledge to help you succeed in the marketers playground that is the food industry.

Food Mark Hyman (2)

Why do I like this book so much?

Easy to Understand | I have been researching health/ nutrition for years now.. needless to say ” I get it” but for a less well versed health warrior this book clearly describes WHY and HOW one should eat in such a way that promotes health.

It Reinforces Why I do What I do | Sometimes being a organic health crusading bitch can be difficult, not everyone understands why you do what you do, like throwing pond algae into your smoothies or scrubbing your body with a coarse bristled brush but this book helped reenforce any doubts I had in my lifestyle choices.

I Learned Something New | Even for a educated foodie such as myself I still learned a few things that I’m excited to start adding into my life … examples… Also after reading I feel reassured that the lectins in nuts don’t overrule their health benefits, I have always been a bit wary of lectins. I still will be opting for my sprouted varieties though for the least exposure possible.

The Resources | Health knowledge is great but only as good as the sources sited. Dr Hyman’s book is continually peppered with sited sources and numerous studies. Like piperine to turmeric, turmeric is great but without pepper it’s not so useful, just like facts are great but untrustworthy/useless without science to back them up!

It’s Simple | At the end of every chapter there is a summary where what to eat and what to avoid are broken down into two easy sections. Most of us health nuts know what to do but sometimes conflicting information can leave even the best of us second guessing ourselves. Plus it’s nice to have a handy little guide at your finger tips incase your having a forgetful day … If that’s the case you might want some more blueberries!

I highly recommend giving What the Heck Should I Eat? a read… in your bathtub, with some lavender essential oil, candle lit, epsom salt in the tub, surrounded by nature sounds ( link to my nature sound playlist), and your favorite fresh air plants… What.. your tub doesn’t look like that? Well you’ve got some upgrading to do, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Do you have a favorite book I should read?! Let me know!


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