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My Dog is Sick

Poor little fluffy guy, we all love our pets and hate to see them suffer. Thinking the best option is to whisk them off to the magical veterinarians office is common practice. I too have always gone to my vet and trusted her blindly when it came to the health of my pup. Obviously these past couple of years I have had a dramatic change, or I like to think of it as an UPGRADE, in my lifestyle. But along the way, I forgot about upgrading my furry companions lifestyle.

We always fed him the best food, and did switch to an organic brand over a year ago, but didn’t even think to change up his health care, until recently. The conventional vet failed us, of course not her fault, we can never know a dogs reaction to a medication, but I should have searched for my own answers. My dog, Murphy, was having lots of watery diarrhea, and just not feeling so hot. So I took him to the vet, they did a stool test, found out it was coccidia. A bacterial parasite that can cause a host of digestive issues in dogs. We can thank conventional medicine for stool testing, without it we wouldn’t have known his issue. But the problem began when he started his treatment medication.


Like people, not all medication agrees with everyone, or every dog. The poor pup started getting seizures! The past few days he has been seizure free, after stopping the medication. Now still needed to treat his infection, I have found a whole host of other options, that I’m really excited to share!

Just like people, dogs respond to herbs, teas, tinctures, even probiotics! Through my research I found a few very viable options that will hopefully treat his infestation. It never even occurred to me to treat my dog with oregano oil for parasites or milk thistle for his liver. But now I know that there are safe products out there for dogs to also benefit from an organic lifestyle.

Check em’ out, I’ll be trying them later on this week.

Probiotics for the Pup: For digestive health and helps to boost immunity, especially after antibiotic use

Milk Thistle Supplements: Helps keep their livers healthy, and aid in detoxification

Natural Flea and Tick Defense: Conventional flea and tick meds are full of harsh chemicals that aren’t ideal for dogs, or humans!

Anti-Parasite and Worm Mixture: We all deworm our dogs, why not try a more natural option made with garlic, cloves, and other herbal powerhouses. This is what I’ll be using on my dog to get rid of his coccidia.

I hope your now thinking about detoxing your favorite furry friend’s medicine cabinet! Comment any other great natural remedies you use on your pup, I’d love some more ideas!

Bite Me, With Love

1 thought on “My Dog is Sick”

  1. aww poor cutie 😦 my little pup had vitamins when she was little but now she only feels sick when i am leaving for school and coming back 1-2 months later. they are our family really ♥️


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