My Workout Routine

I’ve recently had a few inquires, on the blog, and in real life… about what I do for WORKOUTS.  Now theres not tooo many pics of me on here, but I would describe myself as reasonably fit with a strong lower body. To be honest my ARM, BACK, and CHEST game could use a little work.

But I’m, I guess you could say, a PETITE and sorta dainty girl and would like to continue looking like a girl. I’m not a fan of being overly muscular, but I would like to be able to do a little more than a few push ups!

So here’s me…



I LOVE exercise, it is my happy place, hiking, walking, biking, horse riding, spending a couple hours in the gym, like I’d probably even be game to play golf… I just like to be active.

About my ACTUAL WORKOUTS : To stay in shape and get stronger ( last year I started with a 20 lb barbell, now I’m up to 100 lbs with the big girl bar), I do a number of things…

I have a ROUTINE. The one thing I’ve noticed is that having a routine is the most effective way to reach your fitness and health goals.

In the mornings, besides starting my day with a warm ALKALIZING drink ,I head over to my yoga mat to do my morning work, consisting of a few rounds of ab work, squats to get that blood flowing and a 5 minute yoga routine! Yes, there are some days where I don’t get around to it, but for the most part its the beginning of all my days.

Now about CARDIO. I used to only do cardio, a little over a year and a half ago I finally switched things up and started seeing real changes. So as of now I only WALK, and do the SPIN BIKE for HIIT. I do a HIIT workout about 3 times a week, its only 4 minutes long + warm up and cool down. I believe this is all I need, in the wild humans probably didn’t have to out run a predator  for more than 4 minutes.  On days when I’ve done my pre workout stroll and still feel a little sleepy I throw in a good 5 minutes of jumping! It’s lots of fun and get that lymphatic fluid moving.


Onto my weight lifting habits, or as I like to call them, THE GAINZ:  I love working out my lower body, especially my BUTT hehe. I do two butt specific workouts a week and 1 overall KILLER LEG DAY as I like to call it. So thats 3 days a week where I’ve got my booty working. Now I want to be clear, these are not particularly long workouts. I do a little walking or spinning warmup, do my activating exercises then dive into my weight bearing moves only for about 30 – 40 mins. PLUS once per week I’ll finish a booty workout with 20 mins on the stair master. Good luck walking after that one.

2 Days a week I focus on my arms/chest and back, which usually incorporates the core soooo thats the reasoning behind me not having a “core day”. I don’t go super heavy on my arms, most exercises I do are body weight or I use 5-6 lbs. For my back and shoulders though, I do try and use as much weight as I can. I mostly use machines when trying to target the back and shoulders because I am not incredibly strong and the machines help me be able to lift more while avoiding possible injury.

Speaking of avoiding possible injury… STRETCHING people… DO IT. Or better yet, use a rumble roller or a foam roller to really get into those muscles and loosen things up. Learn more about the benefits of foam rolling HERE.  I also like to incorporate a yoga class once or twice a week depending on my time limitations. I always feel so relaxed, calm, and all stretched out after a good session.

So peeps, thats the basic overview of my workout routine. One of these days I’ll get around to making a video of my workouts or writing them all down for you all!

What are your workouts like? Do you have a favorite workout class you like to go to?!

Bite Me, With Love



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